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"Your success is ours" is our motto at “Hubs Commercial Group”. We believe in positive sense of competition to provide the best product or service in the contemporary market to our customers and business partners. We feel proud to share the dividends of success with our team members and partners, for the simple reason that “it is basically their hard work, professionalism and dedication” which is the main impetus behind our continuous success.


Our team is our most valuable asset. With our more than 100 professionals, including educationists, technocrats, professors, assistant professors, lecturers, teachers and domain experts sharing their knowledge and experience with us, we have the best team in town. Our team members are both foreign and locally qualified with vast experiences in their respective fields. The fact that we are maintaining over 90% retention rate for the past 3 years is an indicative of how much do we care about our most valuable asset - "Our Team". 


Our group consists of 5 distinct units. Marketing Hub is a unique business entity which provides services like website design and development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, SMS and Email marketing services. Beauty & Fashions Hub, offers high quality beauty and fashions products at very affordable prices. Examinations Hub, offers educational audits, assessments.  preparation of question papers, with or without syllabus, invigilation, CBTs (Computer Based Testing), online examinations, result analysis using SPSS and academic risk analysis. Our online shopping portal "" is a  splendid way of shopping within a budget &5 to $50. And last, but not the least, "Traditions Hub" is a place where you can find traditional items from all over the globe. Be it a abaya from UAE or a Sindhi Ajrak, every traditional item is there at "Traditions Hub".   


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